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You spend at least a third of your life at work:

  • Do you want to know how to handle people better?
  • Do you want to have meaning in the work you do?
  • Do you want a career that truly matches your interests?
  • Do you want to be recognized and rewarded for your efforts?

The BEST athletes in the world utilize a coach. A coach listens with a powerful perspective that helps you excel at a higher level. Why not move forward easier and quicker with an executive career coach?

"Brian has an impressive ability to help his clients identify and cultivate the skills and attributes that will further their professional development."
- Greg P. General Health Group
"Brian Brody’s approach to coaching people is truly unique. He has a special way of listening and guiding a career that is second to none. Brian has taught me how to successfully navigate around difficult situations at work. Brian sets a gold standard for coaching."
- Lori C.

What is a Career Coach?

A career coach is a no-nonsense partner – a catalyst who can help you grow professionally. A career coach provides input and feedback, makes requests and helps the client to set bigger and more effective goals, to implement new strategies, to stay focused and on track. Career coaching is an effective way to develop mastery of the people skills, work through problems or resolve a business issue. Attention is given to learning to trust your intuition, taking action and improving your communication skills. Executive career coaching integrates awareness raising, feedback and action in a goal directed, results oriented "partnering for success".

Career Coaching Philosophy:

Career coaching is an effective way to develop mastery of the "soft things". Attention is given to learning to trust your intuition, take action and improve your communication skills. Career coaching integrates awareness raising, feedback and action in a goal directed, results oriented "partnering for success".

"The soft things are the hard things for us in two ways.
We find them hard to do, and often they are precisely what we have to do in order to get hard results."

My clients are high achieving, bright, complex and multi-faceted people. They have mastered the "hard things".

Two Types of Career Coaching

1. For Career Development

You have the competence with the harder skills but need to develop the softer skills. Learn the tools necessary to handle high stress, difficult people, sensitive communications and effective political strategizing. Bring your job or business to the next level.

  • Set and achieve higher quality goals.
  • Eliminate rather than tolerate the negatives.
  • Achieve a balanced work environment.
  • Make better decisions.
  • Accelerate development in business, skills, knowledge and relationships.

2. For Career Transition

You may be in threat of a layoff during a tough economy. Possibly you just want a more satisfying career. Be in charge of your own direction through practical career building tools.

  • Don’t just take the next job offer only to find it wasn’t a good fit. That is a costly waste of time in your career path.
  • Take charge and find the right job from the "Inside/Out".
  • Find the right job "with and on purpose".

How my “4 Step Process” works:

  1. Career Assessment of your needs, strengths, interests, values, goals, passion, purpose and vision for a satisfying career. I utilize a combination of cutting edge inventories to get the career snapshot that is unique to you.
  2. Strategic Planning based on the career assessment. We map out the direction and steps with a timed action plan.
  3. Follow-up of the plan with a high-powered resumé, cover letters and a comprehensive job search.
  4. Closing the deal. Interviewing and negotiating strategies are developed to capitalize on the opportunity you created. Make the interview a two way conversation.

My Qualifications for your coaching:

  • Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coach Federation (ICF) with a doctorate in psychology. The ICF is the regulatory board for the world of coaches that awards certification for those coaches with only the highest ethics, training and experience.
  • Since 1980 I have been successfully helping people in my private practice with their careers. I am an entrepreneur with varied and successful businesses. In addition I am the President of a company, business owner, trainer and have been a board member for 3 organizations.
  • The highest of integrity by looking out for your best interests, always. I provide you with tools that you can use on your own and not be dependent on me. My clients see me as a highly skilled coach that helps people be their best while providing a practical, gentle, wise and transformational teaching style.
  • You are in control of the process. We work weekly with a plan to meet your future goals without a contractual commitment from you. The most important driver of the work is your satisfaction.

Your coaching expense may be Tax Deductible. Continuing education to improve professional skills may be a tax deduction. (Treas. Reg 1-162-5 Couglin vs Commisioner 203F 2d 307.) Confer with your financial and tax advisor.

"You can’t plow a field by tilling it over in your mind."

-Old Irish Proverb

Affordable coaching in person or conveniently on the telephone. E-mail and short calls as needed. Contact me now for your free session.

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Team Business Coaching

For groups of two or more who want to improve their performance as a team. Custom designed to meet your unique needs.

  • Develop collaborative relationships.
  • Optimize the team-building process.
  • Respond successfully to change.
  • Support the evolution of managers to coaches.
  • Value diversity.
  • Coach for success.
  • Look to the future.

Team coaching held in person or conveniently on the telephone.

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