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Couples Counseling
  • Are you stressed from a relationship in your life?
  • Do you find yourself repeating the same patterns that keep you stuck?
  • Is it hard to set mutual boundaries?
  • Do you need communication tools to more effectively communicate?
  • Is it time for the intimacy you truly desire?

Relationships are one of the most meaningful and challenging ways we can involve ourselves. Too often we continue to attract a certain type person and repeat old patterns without knowing why. With insight and new skills you can map a new way that works much easier. By strengthening your relationships with mutual respect and understanding, you will find that you will get the fulfillment you deserve.

  • Create a vision for the right person and relationship for you.
  • Learn how to meet people.
  • Heal the relationship you’re in.
  • Transform a relationship with a family member or co-worker.

Affordable coaching can be done with one or both parties in person or conveniently on the phone. E-mail and short calls as needed. Contact me now for your free relationship coaching session.

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Ascend Coaching
Ascend Coaching

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